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IPhone screen replacement is expensive X

The repair of the smartphone without an extended AppleCare warranty will cost quite expensive.

Became known the full cost of the repair device in the United States. Screen replacement will cost $ 279, and repair any other damage will cost 549 dollars.

Pre-order iPhone X opened today, October 27. The first batch was sold out in less than 30 minutes. This is the most expensive iPhone, the price begins from 80 thousand roubles. As expected, iPhone screen replacement X will cost more than for other smartphones.

IPhone X that purchase extended warranty AppleCare, will be able to minimize costs. Replacing the screen in this case will cost $ 29, and repair any other damages $ 99.

The full cost of repairs iPhone X other countries:

  • Australia: replacement screen 419 and 819 dollars for other injuries;
  • Canada: 359 709 USD.
  • Germany: 350 and $ 700;
  • UK: 400 and $ 800.

The cost of repair in Russia is still unknown. We can assume that prices are at a European level.

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