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The Apple Watch will disable some functions while driving

Smart watches have become an important part of everyday life of modern people. They are not only used to know time but also to make calls, view notifications, and even games. For many permanent distraction on the screen of the Apple Watch has become a habit that is difficult to refuse even while driving.

Soon “smart” watch Apple will be able to automatically determine a situation where “media” is behind the wheel and to restrict the sending of notifications.

There are several different solutions that try to minimize the risks inherent in those cases when users do not pay enough attention to the road. Car interface, CarPlay, designed for this: the person sitting behind the wheel must be least distracted driving. But it is believed that the best way of using electronics behind the wheel — not to touch it at all.

According to the patent, Apple Inc., registered in September 2016, the Apple Watch will be able to determine on the basis of sensors when the driver is driving and to disable delivery of notifications. Will do only the important notifications. For example, an email message will completely disconnect and calls from selected contacts will be a priority.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of transportation’s plan to require smartphone manufacturers to add a special driving mode. The function should leave the driver behind the wheel access to a minimum number of functions of the mobile device. To see the film, “Vkontakte” or reading Twitter while driving will not happen.

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