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The new MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar: the first reviews and impressions [video]

On Monday, Apple started sending out pre-order the MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar and lifted the embargo on reviews. And like all journalists, the novelty was pleasant, but the enthusiasm for the Touch Bar sound somewhat muffled, and certain shortcomings noticed in “the best laptop in the world”.

The design of the MacBook Pro received positive reviews, although most of the journalists criticized the decision by Apple to deprive laptops traditional set of ports in favor of USB. the Verge found the keyboard comfortable enough, but noted that it is a little different from sales in a 12-inch MacBook with Retina display 2015 model year.

In the new Apple portables use an improved keyboard with the butterfly mechanism of the second generation for more comfortable typing and quick response. It is also possible to reduce the height of the keys and thereby make laptops more compact. Also observers have noted the presence of a huge trackpad.

Journalist Walt Mossberg raised in the review Touch Bar, noting the great potential of the touch panel. In Gizmodo agreed with the opinion of the Mossberg, but added that at the moment the number is compatible with touch-bar applications are very limited.

“At least now the Touch Bar is not a sufficient reason to buy a new MacBook Pro. In particular, if you are satisfied with the performance of your current machine. If you need a new MacBook Pro and you don’t want to wait for the updates Kaby Lake, hardware laptops, coupled with the Touch Bar makes a great new choice.”

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Forbes was more interested in the weight of the MacBook Pro. The journalists appreciated the form factor and lightness of the 13 – inch and 15-inch models and highlighted the smaller version. Compact “Proshka” is now comparable in weight to the MacBook Air.

In CNET drew attention to connectors of a MacBook Pro. Contrary to rumors, the laptop has got standard 3.5 mm audio Jack. Earlier there were fears that Apple will get rid of the connector by analogy with the iPhone 7, but that did not happen. The new MacBook Pro has received a four-Thunderbolt port 3 (two both sides). The 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro, which lacks a touch of tazbar equipped with two USB-C.

“In the end purchase decision may come down to something more practical outlets. Are you ready for the future with some USB ports a-C, where the connection of USB flash drives, monitors with HDMI, Ethernet cable, and virtually all other accessories will require an additional adapter or cable?”.

In Engadget praised the screen of the MacBook Pro, which is described as “a significant upgrade” compared to the previous model. According to observers of the resource, the color became “more vivid and intense”. Engadget named the MacBook Pro the “miracle of engineering”, possessing considerable design.

“Apple will never get the prize for accessibility. 256 GB of memory, 8 GB of RAM, Intel Core i5 for $1799 – $300 more than the cost of the basic version of the MacBook Pro with the traditional next to the function keys. On the market now presents a more affordable system to Windows 10 with more advanced technical characteristics and a touch screen. 13-inch Core i7 HP Spectre x360 is, for example, costs $1149 (though Mac offers a more productive graphics Intel HD Graphics 550). However, if you are a fan of Mac, this is a great upgrade with an interesting and very functional touch panel,” said Mashable.

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