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Motorola has accused Samsung of stealing features always-on display

Motorola has blamed Samsung of stealing their technology. We are talking about the feature Always-On Display, the essence of which is that on OLED displays, the South Korean flagship in the blocked state always displays the time, date, calendar, battery charging time and other information.

U.S. subsidiary Motorola has accused Samsung of stealing its designs. The representatives of the company wrote on his page on the social network Twitter.

“In what universe is it OK to steal cool “chips” smartphone competitor?” – said guide Moto US. And though explicit references to Samsung’s statement was not, the authors of the tweet used the word Galaxy — line of smartphones South Korean company, which was to use the function is always on display in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7.

Feature Always-On Display allows you to display notifications and the time on the smartphone screen, even when he is sleeping. In Samsung believe that this is what they came up with the technology that is implemented at a time when the company existed separately from Lenovo.

Strictly speaking, Motorola did not invent active display, though, and introduced the first smartphone with him in 2013. a Similar feature was available in Nokia N9 with MeeGo even five years ago, she was also in Symbian devices with AMOLED displays, and later migrated in the Lumia range. However, the market of Android-devices Motorola implemented it first.

It is unlikely that these attacks will lead to some litigation from Motorola, perhaps their reason was a desire to attract attention.

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