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Indian authorities ordered Apple to set the iPhone “alarm button”

In India, the second populous country of the world, adopted a law by which the mobile devices manufacturers are obliged to equip gadgets alarm buttons. Owners of smartphones and keypad phones should be able to “one click” to inform friends and family about your location or sound the alarm in case of danger. The law comes into force on 1 January 2017.

Apple will have to comply with the requirement of Indian authorities either to abandon the iPhone in the country. Under the Ordinance, the panic button on the smartphone must be physical, not touch. For “calling” the buttons “5” or “9” for devices with touchscreen is a separate button, or activation of alarm mode assigned to one of the existing keys. The solution, according to the authors of the law intended to help the people of India in matters of personal safety.

Currently, the iPhone allows you to make an emergency call even if the device is locked. To do this on the lock screen you need to press the “SOS” button. After that, the user can enter the emergency number. At the end of the call the phone will go into a special mode and will accept incoming calls from emergency services.

It is unlikely that Apple specifically for iPhone India will be equipped with an additional button “alarm call”. Likely, the activation will be implemented in software and assigned to one of the existing keys. Alarm call may perform a long press of the keys changes the volume or power buttons.

India is for Apple one of the most attractive regions. According to analysts, emerging markets will become the main engine of growth for California giant, about two thirds of the revenue of which accounted for sales of smartphones. In January 2016 Apple filed for the opening of Apple Store in India. If it is satisfied, then the fast-growing Indian market will be the first retail chain under the world-famous brand.

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