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“The most affordable in the world of” smart light bulb Qube supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Startup from San Francisco Qube hopes to oust the giants of the market of “smart” lighting systems for home with a new lamp, which will compete due to the simplicity and low price. The developers call their product “the most affordable in the world of” smart bulb.

Qube supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE and costs $ 19. Lamp developers note that it can be used in the existing lighting system, turning it into “smart” at no additional cost.

Qube is permanently connected to the router, so it can be controlled using iPhone apps, Apple Watch, and Android devices, changing the brightness and color of light (there are 16 million shades).

Light can play the role of sound to light, reacting to sound recordings played on a mobile device. Also accessible function of alarm and reminder that we should take an umbrella if the mobile app will see rain in the weather forecast. The lamp may be activated automatically when the user enters the room. In addition, the application will notify that the light was still on, though no one is home.

The creators of the lamp launched a campaign on Indiegogo and has already raised half of the necessary $ 50,000 for the first 24 hours. The lamp creates a luminous flux of 800 LM, which is comparable to incandescent lamps of 60 W and capable of displaying up to 16 million colors.

Taking pre-orders for the new product opened at a price of 16 dollars. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in April 2016.

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