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Mobile spy iKeyMonitor allows you to track and block apps to run on iOS and Android [video]

Awosoft, the company has released its new version iKeyMonitor – app to block programs with the timer that helps parents monitor the usage of applications by children, as well as to set a limit screen time on all devices running iOS and Android.

iKeyMonitor allows you to block applications like games and social networks, using the rules of the time limit. For example, children will not be able to access some applications at a time when they should do homework, go to bed or to dinner with the family. Also parents will be able to limit the total time of daily use applications, which will lead to their lock after the limit is reached.

Explaining the workings of the lock applications, Kyle Davis, development Manager of Awosoft company, said: “First of all, users set the rules for the time limit to decide when the application lock will be activated and which applications you want to block. At the right time iKeyMonitor disable the app immediately displays a warning message”.

“We listen closely to our users to identify their immediate needs, as a clear understanding of these needs helps us to create better development. That is why we are constantly updating our software, adding new improved features,” added Davis.

According to the developers, blocker apps countdown is an effective tool for parents that allows them to monitor and limit the time their children spend in front of a screen to protect them from unwanted applications.

Some of the features of iKeyMonitor:

  • Monitoring SMS, chats, browsing history, web pages, GPS coordinates.
  • Block unwanted games or applications.
  • Setting a time limit bedtime.
  • Setting time limit on homework.
  • Setting the overall limit daily use of the device.
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    In addition, iKeyMonitor provides users the opportunity to test the program for three days on iOS devices. The trial version can be installed through Cydia on iPhone/iPad jailbreak. Android users can enjoy the same advantages of the full version through a personal online dashboard.

    Learn more about iKeyMonitor on the website of the developer.

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