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Samsung: Galaxy S6 edge+ iPhone 6s shoots better in low light [video]

The American division of the company Samsung, which released a new promotional video Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note5 edge+, are unable to resist in order to go Apple smartphones. In the video, the Koreans have demonstrated the advantages of their tubes.

The new clip is a parody of a Samsung promo video Apple. The iPhone advertising slogan was the phrase: “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone (If it’s not iPhone, it is not an iPhone”). In the video Apple’s emphasis on the fact that the company creates both software and hardware components for their gadgets. Due to this, both parts work as a whole.

Samsung decided original way to answer Apple, describing the camera capabilities of smartphones Galaxy. In the frame after Sharp (sharp), Fast (fast), Clear (clean) and Bright (bright), designed to describe the quality of the photos, the company makes one photo. After Clear we see two Galaxy S6 edge+ and iPhone 6s Plus, which shot photos in low light. In smartphone Apple picture was more dull than on the phone Samsung. Samsung completes the advertising phrase: “It’s not a phone, it’s Galaxy”.

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