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What you can and cannot do on the iPad Pro through Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil can be used not only for drawing, but also for full control of the operating system. However, there are such tasks are beyond the power of the iPad Pro.

You can open the apps and links, to implement scrolling and navigation

It is obvious that using Apple Pencil you can run programs, click on links, scroll and navigate through the system. It works in all applications, including those not adapted to the use of the stylus. In this case you use Apple Pencil by analogy with his finger. The system detects a long press, so you can remove the app or open links in new tabs.

You can’t open the notification Center or control center

Using Apple Pencil it is impossible to do a swipe from top or bottom of the screen. To access the relevant parts of the system you need to use your finger. It’s only Apple’s decision, not any technical limitations.

For Apple Pencil unavailable features multitasking iOS 9

The stylus can’t be used in challenge modes Slide Over or Split View. Swipe the right side of the screen does not bring any results.

If you have an open app in the Slide Over, you will not be able to remove it from the screen with the stylus. Apple Pencil will not allow you to control the call and position of Windows in Split View.

You can print on the keyboard to enter the password on the locked screen and call Spotlight

If you are used to typing with one finger, you can use Apple Pencil when working with virtual iPad Pro keyboard when typing in Safari, Spotlight searches the App Store and any other applications.

If you do not want to unlock your device using Touch ID, then use the stylus to enter the password.

Third-party keyboards work perfectly with the Apple Pencil

Normal Apple keyboard offers the fastest entry method, so the use of third-party solutions that supports the management of gestures may speed up the typing.

The system does not respond to touch by hand

Want to give your hand to relax using Apple Pencil for scrolling pages in Safari? This works perfectly.

You can put your hand over the display iPad Pro during navigation, typing, create handwritten notes. Apple Pencil works great with applications that have not received updates for interaction with a stylus.

You can charge Apple Pencil with Lightning cable

Despite the opportunity to charge the battery directly stylus with iPad Pro, Apple Pencil can be charged via a standard Lightning cable, using a special adapter from Apple.

You can paint through a sheet of paper

If you put plain paper to print on top of the screen iPad Pro, the screen recognizes the pen movement. Depending on the thickness of the sheet you can change the brightness level for viewing of the received picture. The display is also not responding to touch his hand through the sheet.

You may not use the opposite end of the stylus as an eraser

Despite its name and the presence of a round cap, Apple, Pencil not equipped with sensors to work in the eraser mode. Though instinctively you may try to erase the excess.

For customized applications, to erase anything you need to programmatically select the eraser mode.

You can’t use multitouch gestures (obviously)

There is no way to return to the home screen or switch to another app in iOS 9 Apple Pencil.

If you use gestures to control the system, you must use your fingers. Of course, the pencil will not be able to replace four or five fingers.

But if you want, then press the stylus down on the Home button to return to the home screen.

Apple Pencil will not work with other iPad or iPhone

This accessory has been designed specifically for the iPad Pro and only works with the new 12.9-inch tablet Apple.

the iPad Pro has received a display with low-latency, thanks to the reading position of the stylus pen 240 times per second. Device absolutely recognize the moments when being used to control Apple Pencil or fingertip.

These technologies aren’t implemented in the iPhone 6s or the iPad Air 2. So, no need to worry about buying a 100 dollar Apple Pencil, if you don’t spend on iPad Pro.

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