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The journalist is back on the iPhone after 8 painful months with Android

Explorer Business Insider Matt Johnson as much as 8 months of trying to live with Android. In the end he gave up and went back to iPhone. According to him, he again felt all the advantages of Apple’s smartphone, which has previously been taken for granted.”

In the article, Johnson describes in detail the negative experience of using Android. He had to put up with many things, ranging from “buggy” and malintuition software system to operating system updates, which forces the user to wait months until new releases.

Now the journalist has an iPhone 6 Plus, “re feeling all the charm of iOS.” My experience with the Galaxy Note 3 he calls horrible.

“The phone should be simple to use, fast and work the way I need out of the box, – the journalist writes. – Apple iPhone just puts such a task. Google with its Android offers users to decide everything themselves. Of course, it all depends on the person. But if you don’t do everything right out of the box and the gadget will not “just work”, then you are asking too much from your audience and be sure it will disappoint you”.

Of course, this is largely a matter of taste. The Android fans are confident that the user should have the choice and the opportunity to change any aspect of the OS and in this they see the advantage. However, believe is not all – many rely on the taste of the manufacturer. That’s why Apple three months have sold more than 70 million iPhones.

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At the time, Johnson switched to Android because iOS has become “too boring”. But the latest releases have made OSes quite functional and flexible.

“I don’t want to go to a restaurant that offers me all kinds of dishes on the planet to a 10-page menu. I like a restaurant where 15 dishes on one blank sheet of paper. Sorry Android, but you lost a customer,” wrote Johnson.

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