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Users in China massively complain about a communication problem in the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in China began to complain of problems with communication in the new Apple smartphones. On Friday writes Bloomberg.

Complaints about the weak signal and interference of these calls with iPhone 7 flooded the Chinese social network. The owners of “Apple” novelties argue that in the standby mode, the Communicator does not receive the incoming mobile calls.

Dissatisfied users together in social networks — in particular, local instant messenger QQ group for the last two weeks has grown to 1,600 people. Group Creator Whether Danko writes that I began to notice missed calls a week after buying the iPhone 7. He asked for help in Apple employees have tested the gadget and issued a replacement.

“I got a new phone on October 5 and a few hours later he again began to lose the network” — complained Danku.

On the website Weibo users I advise anyone who has encountered similar problems in the iPhone 7, disable 4G and go to a more reliable (albeit slower) 3G.

Users in the Network suggest that the problem may be related to LTE-modems. In the new generation of smartphones Apple uses chips from Intel and not Qualcomm. According to sources, the American chip maker supplies a “substantial part” of LTE modem for the iPhone 7.

According to Bloomberg, China is the largest market for Apple products, providing more than 20% of its revenue. In particular, the promotion of the iPhone in the local market provided significant growth for Apple in recent years.

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