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Hackers broke into the Starbucks app and EN masse to withdraw money from the card users

Hackers broke into the mobile app to make payments in a popular coffee shop chain Starbucks. In addition to payment information, the criminals got into the disposal of the users ‘ personal data.

The fraudsters managed to organize hacking mobile wallets so that with stolen payment amount of data they can within minutes to cash out hundreds of dollars. You do not even have to separate the number of a particular card from the array of details.

According to CNBC, the scammers are actively hacking into user accounts, withdrawing from their accounts all the money, and then use the auto reboot function to access the credit and debit cards.

The user named Maria Nistri hackers took out money a few times. First they stole $34,77. When the money ran out, the app automatically translated $25 on account of Nistri, however, and this amount went to the scammers. Then the hackers took off with $75. All of these actions, the hackers pulled off for a few minutes.

However, the company refused to recognize the fact hacking. “We are committed to protect our customers data and ensure that we prevent any fraudulent activity. The safety of customers is extremely important to us and we are serious about these issues,” — said the press service of the company.

According to experts, cyber attack could suffer 16 million visitors a cafe that used the mobile payment service of this institution. Last year, handled more than 2 billion transactions, while 16% of all purchases were made from mobile phones.

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