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Locks are not terrible: Betternet offers free VPN for iOS, Android and Chrome without registration and restrictions

Betternet company launched a free VPN without registration, the bandwidth and connection speed. In other popular services this service is presented in the form of extensions, most of which operates on a paid model or has limits on the bandwidth consumption.

Virtual private network lets you surf the web with a greater degree of privacy and to visit the sites, access to which is restricted in a particular region. VPN also protects the user when connecting to public Wi-Fi. Betternet is available via apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, as well as an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Windows program.

VPN works for all Internet data on the device. It encrypts your traffic, hides your IP, allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and firewalls. This is another convenient service for browsers, except for, for example, by selecting Opera Turbo, which, compressing the traffic, and at the same time works as a proxy server.

“Everyone has the right to privacy on the Internet, if he wishes. Offering unlimited and free VPN, we have ensured that you do not need to pay for data access of any third persons,” – said the developers of the service, noting that the head of the corner they have anonymity and freedom of choice. User data are not stored, and information is encrypted from beginning to end, which ensures proper level of privacy.

Betternet is not chasing profits and provides transparent statistics of their expenses and income. From this it becomes clear that the life of service is supported by a simple affiliate program: users are asked to download the app or view the promotional video, what Betternet will get their pennies. The company closely monitors the content and offers it without being Intrusive.

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It is important to note that ad can be ignored and the loading is made only from official sources — the App Store and Google Play.

Here it was found and other problems. Let’s start with the fact that the Betternet servers located in the USA and the UK. This is not enough and it is far. Secondly, the transmission speed can unpleasantly surprise. But here we need to understand that the daily service processes more than 500 TB of data, distributing them among hundreds of servers.

Betternet can be frustrating for a small server geography and, perhaps not fast enough. However, free, friendly, multi-platform VPN without registration this is more than forgivable.

Download Betternet for iOS, Android, Windows, Google Chrome, and Firefox on the official website of the developers.

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