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The head of Yota Devices: 2-3 years all smartphones are always-on screens

CEO of Yota Devices Vladislav Martynov in an interview to “Kommersant” was told about the future of the mobile market. According to Martynov, smartphone makers will copy the YotaPhone concept and in the coming years, all gadgets are always on the screens.

“Here, for example, your phone most of the time in sleep mode. Every time you need his help, you have to Wake him up. I think that in two or three years most of the phones are always on the screens, as our,” said Martynov. According to him, it is much more convenient, than each time to press the Home button.

Notifications light up briefly and the screen goes out again. You may miss important information. Clicking on the Home button, then you will still make a few clicks to open the desired application. Why to the left? This is inconvenient. Then, so you put the battery. Technology should be invisible, like a waiter at a nice restaurant. Always-on display can be in color or black and white, but for the very concept of a living screen the future,” opined the head of Yota Devices.

Martynov did not see the point in creating smartphone to chase performance. “Stats are important but only to a certain level. When companies are trying to promote the six-core processors… speed is Important information. Why do you need six cores, if the information is necessary to do a few clicks?”, – he noted.

Vladislav Martynov said that Yota Devices has already begun to develop a third generation YotaPhone. It is known that the company is working to reverse tactile communication on the display for the feel of physical buttons; over the glass display, which will transmit the sound as the speaker; over the film to the display, which recharges the battery for 10-15% of the sunlight; and also on the virtual camera (two front-facing camera top and bottom of the display, when the video will create the illusion that the other person is looking somewhere to the side, and “the eye”).

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According to rumors, the YotaPhone can get 3 magnetic connector in the style of the MacBook. Development make sense if the majority of consumers agree to pay for them, sure, Yota Devices.

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