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Tim cook: “don’t waste your life sitting on the sidelines”

Apple CEO Tim cook addressed the graduates of George Washington University. He spoke about his work at Apple and the balance between interesting and well-paid work and the help of others.

In his speech, cook raised questions about the values in each person’s life and stressed the importance of intuition to guide the choice of life. He remembered his first meeting with the founder of Apple Steve jobs and how it changed his life.

“I always thought on how to correctly work. The values have their place. There were things I wanted to change in this world, but I always thought it should be done in their spare time, not in the office. Steve jobs thought differently. He was an idealist. And in this he reminded me of a young me.

At the first meeting he convinced me that if you work hard and create great products that anyone can change the world. To my surprise, I believed him. I got a job and changed his life. It was 17 years ago and I never regret it,” said cook.

Before the presentation, Tim cook suggested that iPhone users put the smartphone in airplane mode, and the owners of Android-devices – make use of the recycling program. “Those of you who have an iPhone, please switch it to silent mode. If you don’t have an iPhone, please go to the Central hall: Apple offering a recycling program,” joked cook.

Addressing the students, the CEO urged them always to take a proactive stance: “the world is changed by ordinary people – it could be you”. “Don’t waste your life sitting on the sidelines,” said Apple CEO.

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