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The friendly taxi driver spent two hours to return to the passenger a forgotten iPhone

Self driven car Apple is still not a reality, but it did not prevent the taxi driver from Bangkok, Thailand, to spend on the road two hours to return to the passenger iPhone, forgotten in his car.

“Wednesday was my birthday, almost at midnight, the hotel offers a taxi driver and gave me the phone. He’s a great guy,” said the Scotsman Fraser Morton after being reunited with his smartphone.

Morton set the name of the company that provides taxi services, car number, taking advantage of the hotel’s cameras. He noted that the taxi driver was not obliged to return him the device and could leave it at home rather than spending two hours on the road to Bangkok from his home in Pattaya.

“I thanked him while it was in the hotel. I offered him beer, but he was driving and refused,” said Morton.

In the end, the driver took $ 55 in fees.

Of course, it’s not such big news, as the launch of the iPad Pro or the latest rumors about the iPhone 7 but there came a time when increasingly in the news we hear about the cruelty and the terrorists, so it’s important to continue believing in humanity, knowing about this kind of stories.

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