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How to install Nintendo emulator NDS4iOS on iOS 9 without jailbreak

The number of decent games in the App Store in the hundreds of thousands. Developers have turned, seemingly pointless, in the whole industry: some games are international competitions and prize funds amounted to millions of dollars. But all this is nothing for old-school gamers that any modern project with three-dimensional graphics will prefer the classic games on good old games consoles.

Seemingly, how can you miss the games with primitive music and the “pixel” graphics? It is possible, especially if it is a childhood game. Sorry, just take and run on the modern gadget game of the last century is impossible. One of the most obvious reasons are compatibility issues and the specific activity of an audio-visual component. In this case the assistant are emulators that provide the necessary software environment.

Recently users iPhone and iPad on iOS 9 is the ability to run on their device full emulator Nintendo. The project is called NDS4iOS allows you to see a huge number of game projects that have been released for this device. A method of use of the emulator is that to run games does not will need jailbreak.

NDS4iOS offers a broad functionality and a large number of settings. You can configure the controls to manage quality graphics and easy to load new ROM images. In addition, the emulator provides integration with Dropbox and support for gaming controllers.

How to install Nintendo emulator on iOS 9:

Step 1: On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch open Safari and go to address

Step 2: Click Install in the upper right corner of the page, and then double-confirm the installation NDS4iOS.

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Step 3: go Back to the home screen and wait for the download.

Step 4: When finished installing, go to settings General –> Profiles.

Step 5: Locate in the list of certificates one that starts with “Guangdong”. Go to it and click “Trust”. In the pop-up window again, click “Trust”.

Step 5: Go to the desktop and start NDS4iOS.

How to download images Nintendo:

Step 1: to add new images search the web for the appropriate file. Choose from any website ROM-image. For obvious reasons MacDigger will not publish links to sources.

Step 2: connect your iPhone and iPad with NDS4iOS emulator installed to your computer and launch iTunes.

Step 3: select the device from the Top, then in the sidebar navigate to the section of the Program.

Step 4: Scroll down to the section file and find the list in NDS4iOS. Move the downloaded file in the format NDS in the iTunes window.

Step 5: go Back to the home screen and start NDS4iOS.

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