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A large German publisher Axel Springer has filed a lawsuit against the developer of ads blocker for iOS 9

Axel Springer, one of Europe’s largest publishing and media conglomerates, which produces more than 150 Newspapers and magazines in over 32 countries, initiated the prosecution of the developer of ad blocker Blockr for iOS 9. About it reports TechCrunch.

A subsidiary of Axel Springer intends to go to court to stop the development and distribution of mobile applications. The lawsuit alleges that block of advertising on the websites of this publication is illegal. Blockr and blocks ads in desktop and mobile versions of the resource.

At the hearing on 19 November, the lawyers said that the software Blockr is completely legal and not necessarily to install. According to a source, the court granted such a reply the developer. The judge noted that Axel Springer has alternative ways of dealing with community advertising, including limiting access to the sites.

The final hearing on the case is scheduled in the regional court of Hamburg on December 10.

The publisher of the Newspapers Die Zeit and Handelsblatt’s not the first time suing the makers of ad blockers advertising services. In the beginning of the year, Axel Springer has lost in the court of the company Eyeo, the owner of Adblock Plus, which allows you to block ads on sites. The publishers insisted that this service violates the freedom of the press. The court decided that the users themselves can decide how should look like the screen of their computer.

“We continue to believe that Adblock Plus is anticompetitive [tool]”, — was stated in a joint statement, the publishers. In Eyeo noted that the court’s decision is important because it creates a precedent.

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As you know, the new version of Safari integrated in iOS 9, was to maintain the extension allows you to block unwanted content — banners, promotional images, links, pop-UPS and other material. The developers were able to create a solution for the limitations of surveillance, advertisements, animated images, and other unwanted content.

Meanwhile, former top-Manager of Google Ben Barokas working on a technology “antiblockiersystem” Sourcepoint advertising, designed to help publishers not to lose money from AdBlock. The announcement took place a week after it became known about the decision of Apple to include support of extensions to block content in Safari in iOS 9.

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