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Apple Pencil can be used as weights [video]

Not all buyers of brand new Apple Pencil use it. The Software developer Simon is experimenting with a device that, according to him, are designed to unleash the full potential of an electronic pen.

In one of such experiments Apple Pencil he used as weights. PencilScale the system works as follows: on the screen of the iPad Pro is placed holding the bar with the hole into which is inserted a stylus. His index part rests directly on the surface of the tablet. To the back side of the stylus attached Playground. It is necessary to put things whose weight is to be measured.

Inside Apple Pencil hides a complicated system of sensors with maximum precision to measure the applied force. In particular, the gadget determines how much the tip of the Pencil Apple presses on the display and transmits information to the tablet. The default function is used to change line thickness – the greater the force, the thicker the stroke. In the hands of Software, Apple Pencil thus turned into a portable scale.

In another experiment “PencilController” sensors are used by Apple Pencil, determine the exact direction and tilt of the pen against the display. With the help of this function, the designer has created the controller filters for image processing. Apple Pencil tilt in one direction or another allowed him to change the color of the image.

In the third experiment PencilSynth tilt sensor Pencil the Software Apple uses to create sound effects. The horizontal position of the pen on the tablet screen is responsible for the frequency of the vertical – modulation, the angle of elevation for the tone, the azimuthal angle for the modulation index.

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