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The founder of Tidal rapper Jay Z has deleted all their albums from Apple Music

Jay Z, the founder of streaming service Tidal has gone to war with competitors. Friday from the library Apple Music disappeared all the music albums rapper. What is the reason for this decision is unknown.

Jay Z is not limited to streaming, and Apple seized music records also from Spotify, so now most of the disk of the musician are exclusive to Tidal. Albums by rapper Jay Z still available for purchase through iTunes, but the streaming can be listened only to the subscribers of the service Tidal.

Music service Tidal, was restarted in March 2015. It focuses on streaming high quality music. The Tidal run was perceived very ambiguous: the service owner Jay Z gathered at the launching ceremony for two dozen Hollywood stars and named them co-owners. Thus, Tidal is a service managed by musicians… But, for some reason, very often the richest.

The subscription cost for Tidal is $9.99-a-year stream music in high quality valued at $19,99. At the end of last year it became known that the loss of the service Jay Z has increased more than twice, which is evidence of the difficulty of competing with Apple Music and Spotify. “Despite significant marketing efforts, Tidal stuck between users who do not want to pay for music that you can listen to for free, and record labels that often require you to pay right ahead,” wrote The Wall Street Journal.

Jay-Z argues that Tidal is “the first music service that combines music with the best sound quality, high resolution videos and expert advice”. The rapper initially decided not just to create your streaming service, but also to follow in the footsteps of Taylor swift. In the launch phase, Tidal his first album Reasonable Doubt was removed from Spotify. However, the scale of this level of war with rivals Jay-Z goes first.

Earlier, rapper Kanye West publicly refused to cooperate with Apple. Commenting on the release of the album “The Life Of Pablo,” the musician said that she will never appear in the Apple Music and urged users to switch to Tidal.

Apple has not officially commented on the war of musicians with Apple Music.

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