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iPhone 8 will receive connector Smart Connector for wireless charging and virtual reality

According to the latest insider reports from the fronts, in September, Apple introduced the “iPhone custom”. Camera iPhone 8, which is also called the jubilee iPhone X, looks like a deviation from the traditional line of phones “Apple” of the Corporation, most of which are rather conservative, while the novelty will have once the whole set of features, which distinguish it from its predecessors. First of all we are talking about the new frameless OLED-screen diagonal of 5.8 inches, more than models of iPhone 7 Plus, but its resolution is still unknown.

Another unusual feature of the “eight” will be the connector Smart Connector. Last year there were rumors that the port will be equipped with the iPhone 7, it was confirmed and photographs of prototypes. But at the last moment, Apple has refused this idea. This year the company had serious reasons to implement this interface connector to the device.

Connector Smart Connector is available for the iPad Pro and has greater functionality compared to conventional Lightning, allowing, for example, to connect a keyboard wirelessly, and an additional charge. But as for the iPhone its capabilities may be limited, Apple is going to benefit from the use of a more compact case built-in battery. Another important advantage is the possibility of wireless charging iPhone while listening to music through headphones.

In addition, the alleged next-generation iPhone will focus on the functionality associated with augmented reality. The presence of the Smart Connector will provide connectivity to the smartphone accessories AR/VR. The so-called iPhone 8 will be the anniversary smartphone model, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the release of the original device, so the presence of the new breakthrough features of the highly-anticipated.

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It is expected that the iPhone 8 will be presented in September — the traditional time of the announcement of smartphones Apple – but sales of the device will start in October or November of this year.

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