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The first related BeatsX: good insulation, excellent autonomy, audio better than those AirPods

Though with a great delay, but BeatsX wireless headphones on sale. Several well-known bloggers managed to get the headphones before the start of sales. Austin Evans, and Jonathan Morrison UrAvgConsumer and shared his impressions of the new headset BeatsX processor Apple W1.

UrAvgConsumer drew attention to the packaging of new items. Package includes the headphones, carrying case, replacement earpads, ear mount, and Lightning cable. By the way, this is the first Beats headphones, which are equipped with a Lightning cable, not micro USB.

The blogger noted the presence of a sufficiently flexible wire connecting the two ear. He is not confused and does not cause discomfort. Headphones can be connected using magnets.

Explorer noted the high sound quality BeatsX, good bass and clear vocals.

Austin Evans elaborated on the process of pairing BeatsX with the iPhone, noting that it was as simple as in the case of AirPods, with chip W1. In addition, when you purchase a headphone, the user receives 3-month free subscription to Apple Music.

As for sound quality, Evans was dissatisfied with the lack of bass, but overall sound seemed more balanced than previous Beats headsets. He compared BeatsX with Jaybird Freedom. It turned out that the dynamics of the first provide more low frequencies, although less than desired.

Evans noticed that BeatsX – the most comfortable headphones, which he ever used.

Jonathan Morris in his video compared BeatsX with AirPods. He checked, as the headphones sit in my ears under various conditions. As a result, BeatsX fell out of the ear only when you perform a somersault.

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Morrison found that BeatsX have the best noise isolation and sound more intense than the AirPods. In direct comparison most people will probably prefer the Beats more deep thanks Bassam, he said.

The new headset has buttons to switch songs, adjust volume and bring up Siri. The battery life BeatsX higher than the AirPods – 8 hours vs. 5 hours in competitor. Although the last case will work offline for up to 24 hours.

BeatsX went on sale in grey, white, blue and black colors for the price of 10 990 rubles.

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