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Red iPhone 7 passed the test for resistance to fire [video]

Watching the experiments of some bloggers with the Apple gadgets may become a shame for the real fans of “Apple” technique that failed to get scarce device. Such a spectacle would collect a lot of hits, because most users just hand does not rise to this, and what happens is interesting to know in advance. This time the experimenters decided to test the new Apple for resistance to fire.

In the experiment, decided to set fire to the new iPhone 7 red – the same one that today is not so easy to get, at least, not all of these models are in stock. According to rumors, the Apple smartphones are fireproof, but check it out so no one dared. But not the creators of the project TechRax.

Before the burning red “seven”, it was doused with flammable liquid. Then the author of the video threw the match and wait seven seconds. After the fire went out, the iPhone 7 inspected and tested all functions. The unit continued to work! The fire did not harm neither the cover nor the display – the smartphone looks as good as new.

Such experiments are carried out on own risk of the owners and can become a reason for denying warranty repairs. However, the creators of these videos are not confused. For several days the video with the iPhone 7 ignition red looked more than a million people.

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