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Spartan pants are designed to protect from electromagnetic radiation of smartphones and Wi-Fi

The French company Spartan introduced a line of men’s underwear with protection from electromagnetic radiation. Protection from radiation from cell phones and Wi-Fi networks is ensured by the presence in tissue of silver fibers.

The idea of creating such clothes came to the founder of the Spartan Arthur Meynard after he learned about the study the Cleveland clinic (USA): doctors have found that the smartphones that are in the pockets can be dangerous to the health of men.

The fabric from which sewed linen, represents a sort of electromagnetic shield. Protection is ensured by the presence of silver fibres forming the Faraday cage. The fabric consists of silver fiber 35% and blocks 99% radiation of mobile phones and Wi-Fi networks.

A fundraiser for the Spartan edition is on Kickstarter. The minimum Deposit that allows to hope for obtaining a single instance of cowards is 38 euros. The amount of the minimum are expected to collect the project’s organizers, have already closed more than in half.

Briefs presented in six sizes. Available colors be determined by the results of the campaign, which ends in 26 days.

According to Menara, the company is looking for solutions to reduce the cost of production. Perhaps this will be done by increasing sales. Delivery Spartan is expected to start in June this year.

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