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Why Apple and other companies “Silicon valley” so you hate trump?

It is no secret that the heads of large companies of “Silicon valley” has taken a very hostile position to Donald Trump. What is the attitude of the IT industry to the newly-elected President of the United States?

“Silicon valley” and technology companies almost became a stronghold antithrombotic protests, and no one hides.

Apple CEO Tim cook openly criticized by the US President’s decree on a temporary ban on the entry of persons from a number of Muslim States and said that the company intends to seek to revise them. “In my dialogue with the authorities in Washington this week, I made clear that Apple believes deeply in the importance of immigration for our company and for the future of our nation,” said Tim cook. He noted that it was “not the policy that we support.”

Those who decided to cooperate with the new President of the United States, criticized and forced to abandon their positions, including using pressure through social networks and consumers. Thus, the company Uber has lost a significant part of its customers after its leader, Travis Kalanick took the post of Advisor to trump on business. In social networks has been unleashed a large-scale PR-company “delete Uber” with the hashtag #deleteUber.

Participants were encouraged to remove the app and replace it with the Lyft app. As a result, the Uber app first appeared on the second place by number of downloads, giving the first place to its main competitor – Lyft taxi.

Later, Kalanick was forced to resign as adviser to trump, citing differences with the President in matters of immigration policy.

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Everything points to the fact that the head of Uber has been forced to find a reason to care, to save your business from attacks by the media and protesters against trump. However, why such a tough position to Trump from the tech giants?

Writes Rusvesna, the answer to this question was indirectly disclosed in a recent article in the Huffington Post. The fact that the ban trump to enter the United States to residents of a number of Muslim countries also tightened the regulation for H-1B visa, which was actively used by the “tech guys” to hire cheap foreign labor. The setting of limits for this visa should spur wage growth as Americans and their foreign colleagues working in Silicon valley.

Thus, one reason for such hatred Trump is his desire to solve the problem of stagnating wages in the US, 99% of the population, while the representatives of the “Golden 1%” has significantly increased its revenues in the last decade.

Trump denies the Corporation the opportunity to save on the Americans at the expense of cheap labor, which undermines the business model of the “technological Empire” and, consequently, deprives them of a substantial part of income.

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