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12 new and updated tweaks for iOS 10, which is set

With the release of the jailbreak Yalu, many developers quickly updated their jailbreak tweaks and began to produce new solutions that are available to owners of iPhone and iPad with jailbreak. Of course, not all extensions got compatibility with iOS 10.2, even though the number of such programs has decreased significantly.

MacDigger offers a selection of applications from Cydia that are available right now for iOS devices 10. Many of them can be set free.

Volume Amplifier (BigBoss, $1,99)

For users who are dissatisfied with the volume of the internal speaker iPhone, available in Cydia tweak Volume Amplifier. With this development, it is possible to increase the volume level of the front speaker while talking on the phone, without jeopardising the efficiency of the loudspeaker of the phone and as economically draining battery life.

DisplayWeather 10 (BigBoss, free)

DisplayWeather the tweak adds to your lock screen and the iOS notification center weather forecast. This option is available on the iPad with iOS 10 out of the box, but on the iPhone the Apple developers for some reason decided to abandon this feature.

CleanNotifications10 (BigBoss, free)

CleanNotifications10 offers a new design of the Windows notifications for the lock screen and notification center iPhone. The Creator of the tweak calls the new interface is more lightweight and modern.

HapticKeyboard (BigBoss, free)

The tweak allows you to add operating system support for vibration when typing. HapticKeyboard simulates tactile response, similar to that from the Taptic Engine. It does not provide for setting the duration or intensity of the vibration motor, but this Supplement is distributed free of charge.

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CertTimeRemaining (BigBoss, free)

CertTimeRemaining performs a useful function for users of jailbroken devices Yalu, Mach_Portal+Yalu or Home Depot. It shows the remaining time of the certificate, this one beats them all which you have to repeat the jailbreak procedure.

AquaBoard (BigBoss, $2,99)

This is a visual Supplement, specially designed for lock screen and desktop iPhone. The addon offers a dozen kinds of sketches animations water effect.

RunMario (BigBoss, free)

The tweak allows you to play the game Super Mario from Nintendo Run on jailbroken devices. If you jailbreak and want start the game – put RunMario and – forward.

SmartVPN (BigBoss, free)

SmartVPN allows you to configure iOS to automatically enable the VPN connection when you launch a specific application. Useful for those who use apps like Netflix or Hulu.

FingerTouch (BigBoss, free)

FingerTouch allows you to customize new gestures to control the iPhone and iPad using the Home button.

Iconizer (BigBoss, $1,99)

Iconizer gives you the opportunity at its discretion to change the design of the icons on the desktop, iOS/ Dozens of settings, add-ons, profiles, and other features of this add-on.

OpenNotifier10 (, free)

On Android devices of almost every type of task displays an icon in the status bar that allows you to easily identify the processes on your smartphone. OpenNotifier10 is a rewrite of the tweak for iOS 10 with similar functionality and flexible settings. Utility adds a status bar iPhone system notifications about arrival of new emails, short messages, calls etc.

Noti++ ( free)

Noti++ – a full-fledged designer of notification system for iOS. With it you can configure almost every aspect of the design notification.

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