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The developer has created an application to facilitate access to Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro

Developer from Moscow under the name Marat Acrobat created the iOS app “. Metro. Authorization wifi”, facilitating the process of logging into a Wi-Fi network of the Moscow metro. He wrote about this in his blog.

According to the author, the application has already successfully passed beta testing. How it works is simple: after the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi in the car, the application automatically has authorization and provides access to the Internet.

“The app works like this: the phone connects to the wifi in the car, you launch the app, and — voila! — the app automatically goes through 9 circles of authorization instead of you, and the iPhone appears on the Internet.”

Everyone could test the service by contacting its author. “The problem of developing such an application that will test its very difficult. During the trip on the underground to come up with a hypothesis why the next method didn’t work. In the evening at home to update the algorithm and only the next day to test the new algorithm. Then the process repeats,” said the developer.

Currently beta testing “. Metro. Authorisation of the night” ended, the app was submitted for approval in the App Store. The release is expected in the coming days.

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