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App from the app Store to determine which processor is used in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Samsung or TSMC

The experts found that the iPhone 6s’s processor, made by Samsung, are discharged faster and stronger heated than the instances with a chip from TSMC. In the Network there is a simple way to figure out which of the microprocessors used in mobile device.

In all models, the iPhone 6s is the same processor Apple A9. In September 2015 it became known that the manufacturer of this chip two — TSMC and Samsung. The processor is manufactured on Samsung’s 14-nm process, TSMC is the 16 nm technology. The processors have slightly different sizes, the size differs by 10%.

Instances iPhone 6s with processors of different manufacturers, despite the same model of chip, have different runtimes and different heat up in operation. To such conclusion experts of Austin Evans and Jonathan Morrison.

Charging to 100% two iPhone 6s — one with a processor production TSMC, the other is made by Samsung — Morrison on both smartphones for a long time was shooting 4K video, and then escorted 10-minute video in iMovie and then launched a series of performance tests. After that first smartphone the remained 62% charge, and the second 55%. Evans, in turn, to specify the same screen brightness, run on both smartphones Geekbench 3. During testing an instance with TSMC chip production lasted 50 minutes longer. During the tests the observers also noticed that the instances of processor from Samsung are heated stronger than with a chip from TSMC.

In addition, the iPhone 6s launched an Internet video lasting one hour. Here the difference is insignificant: the instance with the processor TSMC spent 14% charge, whereas with a chip made by Samsung — 15%. Smartphones Apple iPhone 6s with the chips from TSMC and Samsung behave differently. In actual use, the user is unlikely to notice the difference and will understand what the chip manufacturer has purchased an iPhone. However, if we are talking about intensive use of energy-consuming functions, such as recording in 4K, there is clearly wins the chip TSMC.

To check which processor is used in a specific instance of the iPhone 6s, you can use apps from the App Store. The app is free and is called Lirum Device Info Lite. Enough to run the utility and go to the Home tab, which shows the model of chip:

  • if the model N66AP (iPhone 6s Plus) or N71AP (iPhone 6s) – processor Samsung;
  • if the model N66MAP (iPhone6s Plus) or N71MAP (iPhone 6s) – CPU TSMC.

By the way, a new revelation is given the name “chipgate” – similar to “antennagate” in 2010, “scuffgate”, when the machines start peeling paint and “bentgate”, when the Apple’s smartphones began to bend in pockets.

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