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Apple has decided to charge your iPhone wirelessly through speakers and microphones

Apple has registered a patent that describes a mobile device that supports inductive charging, integrated directly into components of the mobile device speakers, microphones, actuators linear motion. The patent was first registered in April 2014 and in detail describes various scenarios and mechanisms of interaction with wireless charging.

By design, the mobile device can be charged by the induction method, without the use of additional induction coils. Their role can be played by existing hardware of a smartphone: the dynamic heads, microphones, feedback mechanisms.

“The coil in the electronic device can operate in two modes. In the first mode, the coil is used for its intended purpose: moves the diaphragm for sound reproduction, records the movement of the membrane for the fixation of sound vibrations or generates one or more linear displacement. In the second mode, the coil can be used for transmitting or receiving energy from the second coil, embedded in another electronic device”.

The coils in the speakers and the microphones are intermediaries between the charger and the battery of the gadget, it is noted in the application. Current processes will be displayed on the screen of the mobile device.

As you know, most of Apple’s patents never meant to be implemented. The company is one of the ways to protect copyright your ideas for a possible use in the future. In the case of wireless charging technology looks more than realistic. Even more than it already has found application in smart hours Apple Watch. Once finalized it can be implemented in the iPhone and iPad.

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