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A lawyer from Kirov found for any gay emoticons, no less dangerous than on iOS

At the end of November 2015 in the Christian human rights center asked the Kirov Sergey Lavrovsky, who reported that he had discovered in the Android operating system gay emoticons similar to emojis on the Apple platform.

Lavrovsky believes that, as in the case with iOS on Android there is a promotion of homosexuality, including among adolescents, because they use this operating system on their phones.

In the end, the lawyer Yaroslav Mikhaylov filed an application to the police, after which police began checking. In early February of 2016 after the completion of the inspection, the Prosecutor’s office submitted the case to Roskomnadzor. The Agency must make a decision within a month.

According Newsler, candidate of sociological Sciences, accredited expert of Roskomnadzor, senior researcher of the Center of sociology of management and social technologies Valentina Shilova examined emoticons on Android, but has not found the propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation.

“The expert is not able to include individual icons “Emoji” from the category “people” the propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation for the reason that, by itself, neutral image may acquire different connotations, including the negative. The choice of shortcut icons Emoji, the context of their use and formation of certain images of reality depends on the subjective perception of a particular user and his emotional background at one point or another,” according to the expert opinion.

Moreover, Shilova, after analyzing all the emoticons that are not found on Android demonstration of the use of alcohol and drugs, erotic and pornographic scenes and scenes of violence.

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Lawyer Yaroslav Mikhailov said that, as the applicant and Lavrovsky not notified of passing the examination, and they were told “ask the experts” questions. “The expert in violation of the existing law on expert activity independently collected evidence and also conducted a study on back in the Ordinance on the examination questions, – says Yaroslav Mikhaylov. – In addition, the case should be conducted a comprehensive examination, as a number of research questions relate to different fields of knowledge, which does not have Shilova”.

In the end, the lawyer wrote to the Prosecutor of the Kirov region with the requirement to recognize the illegal actions of the expert, and also to oblige Roskomnadzor, Russia’s Kirov region to conduct the examination in the laboratory. Sikorski in Moscow.

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