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Looks like titanium bumper for iPhone 6s for $1000 [video]

Over the past few years we have witnessed the emergence of hundreds of various covers, cases and protective bumpers and films for your iPhone. As a rule, they are made by Chinese firms, and the price for such products does not exceed 10-20 dollars. But there are some instances, the cost of which makes one think hard about the necessity of such a purchase.

The author of the scandalous video of the bent iPhone Hilsenteger Lewis from Unbox Therapy did a review of the case for iPhone 6s worth $1000. Expensive protected the bumper is released in 100 pieces and comes in special packaging.

A product called Advent made of a solid piece of titanium. This material is chosen because of its lightness and resistance to damage. The metal received a special PVD-coating for even better wear resistance and a darker color. The buyer can opt to make a personalized engraving.

Ordered a personalised edition of Advent Hilsenteger demonstrates decompression of the accessory. It greatly amused a note from the manufacturer: “Advent, in order to realize your fantasies into reality. This case turns the idea of design and elegance”.

The cover itself consists of two titanium bumpers, with the two sides fit the iPhone. The reverse side of the smartphone, as well as the display, remain unprotected. Great considered that the device doesn’t look at $1000 and invited subscribers to come up with what he would rather have spent the money.

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