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The creators of a flying selfie camera Lily has collected on its issuance of $34 million [video]

Startup Lily gathered for pre-orders on the same drone with a camera over $34 million Users are interested in the main feature of the gadget — the ability to fly around the wearer and shoot it on video.

Lily is designed for photo and video the user. In fact, he is a drone, but the developer prefers to call it a flying camera.

The novelty has four propellers and two cameras. One of them is shooting video at 1080p with 60 frames per second, second in 720p resolution with frequency of 120 frames per second. The user simply drop the device into the air, after which it will self-hold itself in the air, shooting. In order for the drone monitored the man, simply attach the hand or put in the pocket with the remote control. Through remote runs and sound recording.

The drone is waterproof and, judging by its promotional video, can take off directly from the surface of the water. On one charge it can fly for 20 minutes — then it will have to charge for two hours. The mass of the drone is 1.3 kg.

The development of the Lily began in the robotics lab of the University of California in Berkeley at the end of 2013. Then the project was supported by investors, and now he came to the finish line. To pre-order the device costs $499, while the market price of the selfie drone will be $999.

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