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A bug in iOS 9 allows you to bypass the password on the lock screen using Siri [video]

In the new operating system iOS 9 discovered a security vulnerability. Bug allows anyone to bypass the PIN code screen/Touch ID and gain access to personal data of the owner of the iPhone.

The vulnerability enables unauthorized users to gain access to contacts and photos of the owner of the gadget. Fortunately, to fix this bug, turn off the function that allows you to call the voice assistant on Apple’s lock screen iOS 9. The switch is located under Settings –> Touch ID & passcode.

A loophole, which can be used to bypass the protection for the iPhone, found Jeff Benjamin from iDB. A few easy steps, anyone can get into the Phone app and the photo library of the gadget.

The sequence of actions consists of 15 steps and involves running a personal assistant Siri on the lock screen after three attempts to enter a password on the lock screen, as well as sequential opening the Clock app and Messages. The main condition for a successful operation – activated “Siri” on the lock screen of the device.

How to bypass password on iPhone iOS 9 with Siri, you can see in the video below:

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