Dark theme saves iPhone charge?

Nobody likes when the iPhone runs out of power quickly. Want to extend your battery life? Fortunately, there are certain tricks.

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One of the secrets is the dark design. The method helps on models with OLED screens. Such a feature of technology. To display black, the pixels literally turn off. Stop consuming energy.

Which iPhone is this possible? Mostly on the new ones (iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone X). Other versions are equipped with LCD displays. They are always highlighted – in any state.

What's great – a dark theme has appeared in iOS 13. It turns on in the settings and reduces battery consumption. This is proved by tests.


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Watch the video created by the PhoneBuff YouTube channel. Enthusiast tested a pair of iPhone XS Max with a different interface. Dark Mode is activated on the first device. The second phone has a bright UI.

The same software was launched on both gadgets (with a robotic arm – for the purity of the experiment). The list of applications is as follows: Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube, and iMessage. Each program functioned for 2 hours.

In addition, brightness is worth mentioning. Her PhoneBuff set to 70% (which corresponds to 200 cd / m2). What is the result? The result is pleasantly surprising.

Dark theme saves iPhone charge?Image from

iPhone XS Max with a dark design lasted longer. He saved 30% of the battery, and his rival sat down. As you can see, the advantage of Dark Mode is obvious.

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Which mode do you prefer? Write in the comments.

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