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Sales of smartphones in Russia for the year fell by 8%, Apple leads in revenue

In Russia by the end of 2015 the decline of smartphone sales by 8%, retailers sold 26 million devices. Most smartphones sold by Samsung, but the leader in terms of revenue turned out to be Apple.

In 2015 in Russia it sold 26 million smartphones, according to a press release from MTS. Sales volume decreased by 8% compared with 2014, when it sold 28 million units. The market decline of 8% fixed also, Euroset and M. Video. While the ruble revenue from sales of smartphones rose by 5-6%, to around 260 billion rubles, according to retailers.

“The declining sales in PCs were expected under the impact of the current economic situation, declining real incomes and the increase in the period of use of a smartphone. Positive dynamics of sales in rubles was caused by growth of prices on hardware. The average cost of a smartphone for 12 months of last year increased by about 15%”, – explains the representative of “Coherent” Maria Zaikina.

By the end of 2015 in the top three smartphones in terms of unit shipments — Samsung, Lenovo and Apple in cash — Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, said the representative of “M. Video” Olga Kobzareva. Similar data lead and in “Euroset”, noting that the number of sales at the end of December 2015, the share of Samsung accounted for 21% and Lenovo’s 11%, and Apple at 10%. In revenue from sales of Apple accounted for 35%, Samsung — 22%, and Lenovo at 9%.

Last year there was a growth in sales of iPhone, particularly the popular “5S like new”, says the network “Eldorado” Yulia Zavyalova. “Also in demand, some Chinese brands such as Lenovo, have a balanced product line and are available as an inexpensive low-end devices and flagship models with top-end performance”, she said.

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Now market participants expect growth of smartphone sales in 2016. “Everyone understands that in the best case stagnation”,— says the representative of a large chain of electronics. “The vendors will review the plans for the first half and reduced production volumes and supply volumes in the country”, – believes senior analyst of IDC Natalia Vinogradova.

According to the representative “Eldorado”, in 2016 Apple will continue to grow, Samsung “will remain a significant player”; will increase the presence of large Chinese companies — Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE. “Due to the weakening of the ruble fine vendors would prefer to wait out the storm, so frequent changes will not happen”, – predicts Yulia Zavyalova.

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