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Google explained how stabilization camera Pixel 2

Smartphones from Google’s got an important advantage over competitors. They know how to use both electronic and optical image stabilization while recording video.

Camera Pixel 2 provides a very smooth image even when walking down the street. Google managed to achieve coordinated work of two fundamentally different technologies.

The company published a video demonstrating the system. Google’s use of the experience in the field of machine learning, which allows you to combine electronic and optical stabilization. Most smartphones are able to use only one of the technologies.

To synchronize image Google Pixel 2 uses the inbuilt gyroscope, as well as collects information on the movement of lenses inside the gadget. Hold the object in the center of the frame is ensured by a special algorithm which is capable with high probability to predict where it will be moved the phone the next moment.

Google’s approach is not flawless. The smartphone can crop the frame in a most unexpected way and to blur certain objects in the background. However, the company demonstrates that technology related to machine learning, can greatly improve the video recording on mobile devices.

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