Instructions for firmware iPhone 2.0.1

This method is described for switching from version 1.1.4 of any unlock (in my case it was ZiPhone) to version 2.0.1 New 13-inch MacBook Pro released: Magic Keyboard, plenty of memory, powerful processors and graphics                   Apple Watch will save from a panic attack Updating occurs using self-assembled firmware via the iTunes update function. […]


Don't Dud About Silicon Valley & nbsp

Silicon Valley, still correctly called it that way, has been a dream for startups and IT professionals from around the world since the 1970s. It got its name, since in its time silicon conductors were actively produced on its territory (from English “silicon” is silicon). The valley consists of small towns: Palo Alto, Mountain View, […]


How to buy an iPhone in the USA

According to statistics from a recent survey on the site, it turned out that only 40% of iPhone owners purchased their phones in Russia from authorized dealers. The remaining 60% use gray phones that came to us from America and Europe. At the moment, there are no official Apple Store stores in our country, and […]