IPhone 12 will have a screen with a frequency of 120 Hz & nbsp

Insiders report that the flagship model from the iPhone 12 line will have a screen with a frequency of 120 Hz, which will be a real breakthrough for Apple – previously only the iPad Pro tablet could boast of such a display. However, the "apple" company, which was once considered a leader in the field of technological innovation, once again lagged behind its competitors – for many Android smartphones, screens with a frequency of 120 Hz appeared a year ago.
In some Apple smartphones from the iPhone 12 lineup, screens with a refresh rate of 120 Hz will appear, reports Business Insider, citing insiders familiar with the situation.

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Most likely, only the flagship models will receive the updated display, while the rest will remain at the standard for smartphones 60 Hz.
At the same time, according to rumors, the entire line will see the light with OLED screens, which used to be attached only to Apple's flagships.
The refresh rate of the screen provides a smoother and more “lively” image in the dynamics. Screens supporting 120 Hz are already installed in the new iPad Pro. In this case, the update frequency varies depending on the tasks that the user is busy with – so, during a game or fast scrolling, it can reach a maximum, and then decrease to 60 Hz, when this indicator does not play a role in the user experience.
It is assumed that the new flagships from the iPhone 12 line will work on the same principle so as not to overload the system.

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Anyway, a display with a frequency of 120 Hz will first appear on the iPhone, which will undoubtedly be presented at the autumn presentation as an innovative advantage of the new line over last year. Meanwhile, as noted by the media, such screens on the smartphone market are not an innovation – for example, a number of Android-based gadgets had such displays last year. This is, among other things, the Samsung Galaxy S20 line and the OnePlus 8 Pro. In Asus and Razer smartphones targeted at gamers, screens also have a frequency of 120 Hz.
Thus, Apple, which was previously considered a pioneer in innovation, now has to keep up with competitors, lagging by about a year.
The “apple” has the same situation with support for 5G technology, which is already present in some smartphones with Android, but will only appear on the iPhone in the fall of 2020.
It is worth noting that last year, when the iPhone 11 line was introduced, journalists called the annual Apple conference “Groundhog Day” – if earlier this event was one of the most anticipated events of the year in the field of technology, now the Cupertinos are no longer able to impress the audience like that as it was under Steve Jobs.

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Regular viewers of last year’s event also noted that in 2019 there was no traditional phrase by Apple CEO Tim Cook “and one more thing” [English One more thing], which portended an explosive announcement. So, in the past years after it, the public was first introduced to Apple Watch, Apple Music and iPhone X.
For two consecutive years, Apple can not find anything suitable to summarize this phrase, which has become a landmark for the company.
The hope remains that in 2020 Apple will nevertheless be able to force users to pay attention to the new lineup, given the new screen, 5G and, probably, other functions that will distinguish iPhone 12 from iPhone 11. The event will be held in September, as usual , but it is likely that it may be rescheduled due to a coronavirus pandemic.

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