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Subscribers of “Rostelecom” complained the hidden connection of paid services

Users of Rostelecom, complained for additional paid services without notice from provider. Reports of this appeared in social networks and thematic forums on the Internet.

One of the users on the site Pikabu drew found in your account settings connected service “Night acceleration” reports TJ. Also, the user started to charge for the rental of the router and other additional charges, including tariff “Optimal” to test-drive digital TV.

The Complainant suggested that the changes may be relevant only for the residents of St. Petersburg, but in the comments the users said that hidden services are connected to the subscribers from other cities, such as Murmansk.

Some of the user tech support provider allegedly said that the service “Night acceleration” was connected in April, and all information about this “online”. At the same time representatives of “Rostelecom” promises to convert the addressed subscriber fee.

In a press-service of the company said that the operator connected the service “Night acceleration” in the “White nights” for 30 days without charging subscription fees.

“All the participants were required to carried out SMS-information on connecting service, and when opening the start page of your browser, displays a message about the action, the timing of promoperiod and how to disable the service.

In that case, if the subscriber has not made disconnection of service and one of the proposed methods, the billing service “Night acceleration” after promoperiod was made in accordance with the applicable price list. That is, the service “Night acceleration” was first proposed, then if the call is not disconnected, connected”, – the press service of “Rostelecom”.

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Previously it was found that “Rostelecom” has limited the users of unlimited rates up to 1 TB per month. When the limit is exceeded the company will begin to limit the speed. The company said that subscribers will not face restrictions of speed “in that case, if you do not exceed the amount of traffic systematically.” Regional providers have limitations associated with the “Spring package”.

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