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New in iOS 11: airplane mode no longer automatically turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Apple has released the second beta of iOS 11, in which Apple decided to make iPhone and iPad new features. Among other things, the company revised in the new OS work Item controls and buttons Aviarium.

From a technical point of view, airplane mode is needed to the cellular module of the smartphone has not prevented the operation of the aircraft (although scientists have proven that the risk is minimal). In fact, this feature is a great way to save battery and extend the battery life of mobile devices in areas with poor cell coverage. In addition, at night time, so you can protect yourself from the harmful radiation of the smartphone, for example, if the gadget remains on the bedside table.

In previous versions of iOS enable Aviarium led to the fact that the device time was torn all types of wireless connections: Wi-Fi, cellular and even Bluetooth, which led to disconnection from iPhone all paired devices, including the Apple Watch.

Most users in these cases had to manually activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to continue to use network interfaces without network. With the release of iOS 11 it is no longer necessary.

Now when you turn on Aviarium through the control settings or Siri the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi remain active. That is, the iPhone is still connected to the wireless network and the Internet. Will remain available all wireless devices connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, such as Apple Watch, AirPods and any other headphones and speakers.

iOS 11 is currently available only to registered developers. Accurate information about the release of a public beta of the operating system, but before Apple has promised to release an update before the end of June.

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