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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has failed the test of resistance to scratching [video]

Not so long ago Samsung introduced its new flagship line of Galaxy Note. The device boasts “smart” stylus, a retinal scanner and a high-quality display protected by the latest Gorilla glass 5. Corning has positioned it as the most durable in the world that can survive after falling from a height of over five feet. However, such “vitality” is not good effect on scratch resistance.

As found by the run with nick jerryrigeverything once, the display Galaxy Note 7 is subject to fading and scratches. During the test he used the Korean smartphone and tools, calibrated on the Mohs scale of hardness. After a series of tests on the device display was quite marked.

If the other blogger tested the phone was not scratched up to level 6, the markings on the glass Galaxy Note 7 appears on the 3 level of hardness. The author of the video has tested and key with integrated fingerprint scanner and the side faces of the gadget. Best of all showed the glass protecting the camera lens.

“On a scale of hardness, Gorilla Glass 5 just a step above plastic,” commented the author of the experiment. He advised users of Samsung gadget to acquire film on the screen.

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