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Study: iPhone and Apple Watch are the symbols of status among adolescents

Researchers at Piper Jaffray released a survey of American teenagers regarding Apple products. They noted the increasing popularity of Apple brand among students, and believe that the release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus even more popularized by smartphones from Apple among adolescents.

How do I find analysts, the Cupertino-based company successfully continued strategy to attract the attention of young consumers. Apple can be called an outstanding brand for American students, said the experts.

The survey revealed that 69% of respondents own an iPhone. This is 3% higher than a year ago (66%). 74% of Teens intend within the next six months to buy a smartphone from Apple. Almost half of the schoolchildren interviewed have tablets, and in 48% of cases, this iPad. The proportion of iPad mini users has increased over the year from 13% to 16%. The share of Android-models remained unchanged at 18%.

In total, the study involved 6500 adolescents from families with different income levels. 2700 of them live in wealthy families with annual incomes of $107 000, and the rest in families with an income of about $52 000.

12% of respondents use “smart” for hours. 71% of them chose Apple Watch. According to the authors of the study, the smart watch Apple find acceptance among the young audience, given the popularity of the iPhone. Promotion of new items in the stars also played a role in attracting adolescents.

Interest in the “Apple” gadgets is constantly growing. Since the survey in October last year, teenagers from the iPhone increased by 1 percentage point. 2 percent and grew the number of those who said that their next smartphone will be iPhone. Observers believe that the popularity of Apple products is not only connected with marketing the company manufacturer. A considerable contribution to the victory of the company make other brands that failed in the struggle for the loyalty of young minds.

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