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The FBI paid the hacker for the information about the vulnerability in the iPhone terrorist from San Bernardino

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) hacked iPhone that belonged to one of the performers of last year’s terrorist attack in California, with the help of professional hackers. It is reported by The Washington Post, citing an informed source. For information about a vulnerable spot in the security system iPhone, security services paid the attackers one-time fixed amount.

According to an anonymous source, the hackers are paid a fixed fee. What is not specified. For this, the hackers provided the Agency information about a previously unknown error in the software of the iPhone. The vulnerability allowed the FBI to proceed with the selection of the access code. A breach in the security system of the gadget was used to create a device that could hack the iPhone, not allowing his defense to erase the required data. The biggest problem for the security services was not the selection of four correct digits, and decontamination of the system, which erases all data after 10 attempts, the newspaper notes.

“The FBI hacked into the phone of the organizer of terrorist attack in San Bernardino with the help of professional hackers who found and sent the agents of the Bureau of information on at least one previously unknown bug in the software of the smartphone, – notes the edition. – They paid a one-time fixed fee for providing the solution.”

According to the publication, these hackers “stick to the shadows and specialize in finding vulnerabilities in software”. Sometimes, as in this case, they even sell the information to the U.S. government.

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According to the source, the U.S. government consider the question of the transfer provided by Apple hackers information about the error in the system security phone. Previously, FBI Director James Komi said that “a vulnerability has been discovered is relevant only for iPhone 5c”.

As reported, in February a court in the city of riverside (California) ordered Apple to assist the Bureau in hacking smartphone. Then CEO Tim cook said that he intends to challenge the FBI, because the authorities were already presented data of this device, important to investigate the attack.

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