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Opinion: Apple Watch 2 will repeat the success of iPhone

Given that Apple is doing well in iPhone and iPad sales, the company’s management had high hopes on the Apple Watch, presented in the fall of 2014. However, it soon became clear that a wearable device is the first generation not destined to become the main product of the company.

Even the most ardent fans of “smart” hours from Apple admit that the gadget that has revolutionised the market, not changed the rules of the game, as many expected. Although for the first year sales of Apple Watch exceeded sales of iPod and iPhone over the same period, to directly compare these devices is not entirely correct: the iPod was released in 2001 and the iPhone was originally only available with one operator.

The most striking evidence that the demand for smart watches was lower than predicted Apple was the company’s decision not to release sales figures. To Cupertino, as you know, whenever possible, report on their achievements.

However, to talk about the failure of the Apple Watch is impossible, because even a revolutionary product like the iPhone conquered the market overnight. The same iPod took a few years before it became popular. With the Apple Watch, the same will happen, I’m sure the TheTechBlock TechHunter and co-founder Abdel Ibrahim. The journalist said there are few signs that the next generation Apple Watch will make a splash in the market.

For a start submitted a few months ago watchOS 3, finally, will make the device really usable. watchOS 1 and 2 were quite functional, but suffered from annoying problems and limitations. First, the OS could not boast of speed. Users more often than we saw the wheel running applications: annoying delays were observed not only when uploading data from your iPhone, but the interface of the operating system. Another disadvantage was the complex logic of the software platform. WatchOS third-generation Apple has eliminated these shortcomings.

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If you put aside the software, the Apple Watch 2 will bring a number of important hardware improvements. Since the launch of the first version of hours it’s been almost 18 months, so Apple had plenty of time to pump the technical characteristics of the gadget. The journalist drew attention to how the iPhone is progressing every year or two.

“At the time of launch Apple Watch 2 will probably be held for about two years after the announcement of the original model. Just think what 24 months can do the Apple, which all the most advanced technology? Answer: a lot.

Look at the previous iPhone, and think about what happens to the smartphone for 24 months. Changes almost everything: RAM, CPU, screen, camera, sensors and even the hull materials. Compare iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s. From the point of view of performance and technology – it is heaven and earth. Such a jump is expected from the Apple Watch this fall,” – says the journalist.

With regard to the performance of the devices, according to reports, the Apple Watch 2 will have GPS module, improved moisture protection, barometer, powerful internals, a more capacious battery. In addition, the watch will have a built-in camera and can make calls on FaceTime.

In combination with watchOS 3 and a huge choice of straps, Apple Watch 2 have all the chances to turn from a niche product in mastimovie, I’m sure Ibrahim. the iPod went on this way back in the early 2000s, only 2-3 years after the release, he gained popularity.

On the shelves of the Apple Watch should arrive in the end of the year. The ideal would be the release of the Apple Watch 2 this holiday season, when sales traditionally grow devices. The date of the official presentation of novelties remains unknown. But it is possible that the Apple watch presents the 7 September along with the iPhone 7.

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