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Sony stopped the production of cameras for the iPhone because of the earthquake in Japan

On Saturday night, April 16, in southern Japan (Kyushu island) was the second earthquake of magnitude 7.3. According to recent reports, at least 31 people died, 2000 were injured, and 170 of them serious. As reported by Bloomberg, which brought the destruction in the Prefecture of Kumamoto earthquake has forced Sony to stop the activities of the local factories for the production of image sensors for digital cameras.

Each manufacturer strives to reduce costs and impressive inventories of products and components is not only “dead capital”, but also the cost of their storage and transportation. Unfortunately, the logistics system, providing for timely supply of components without intermediate storage in the warehouse, there is a drawback – it is vulnerable to force majeure circumstances, like everything else in this world.

Because of the earthquake Sony was forced to abandon the production of cameras and evacuate personnel from the factories of the company. According to reports, the building of the enterprise is not much affected, but it is difficult to say when work will be resumed. The continuing aftershocks hamper rescue action and increase fears about the new stronger shocks.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located near the city of Kumamoto, at a depth of 10 km, said the U.S. Geological survey (USGS).

The Sony image sensors are now used in many smartphones, including the iPhone, so stop factories may have a negative impact on the operations of the company’s customers. Sony now estimates losses from earthquakes.

According to experts, in case of need Sony is able to move production of image sensors from the company in Kumamoto in other regions of the country, where she also has company. A natural disaster of a magnitude of 6.5 degrees on Thursday destroyed the facilities of transport and energy infrastructure caused the derailment of high-speed trains, led to the destruction of buildings and the deaths of nine people.

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