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The main developer of mobile Windows 10 was accused of using iPhone

In his spare time, Microsoft executives prefer to use smartphones Apple. This conclusion was made by the reviewers of The Verge, caught in the apostasy of the Vice-President unit of operating systems from Microsoft, Joe Belfiore.

Belfiore had the temerity to publish in his microblog photo from vacation. The top Manager has changed not only the color of the hair, but also the phone. By accident or design supervisor, responsible for smartphones, tablets and PC at Microsoft, posted a photo with the iPhone. The picture accompanies an eloquent inscription “Published via Twitter for iPhone”. The tweet has caused much media attention, and Microsoft fans could not stand the betrayal and began to criticize functionary in social networks.

We can assume that Microsoft employees use an iPhone, but for the top Manager of this level is an unforgivable error. It’s hard to imagine that Apple CEO Tim cook was spotted in public with an Android smartphone.

Last Belfiore was caught using an iPhone. In 2014, he posted on Twitter photos from the TED conference, taken by the camera of the Apple smartphone. Then the top Manager asked not to make a sensation and stated that testing iOS.

Joe Belfiore in recent years was the face and the engine of development for the Windows Phone platform, takes part in the work on Windows 10. In total, he has devoted 25 years of his Microsoft career. However, in the fall of 2015 Vice-President decided to take a sabbatical year, which was to be spent with her family and traveling.

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Some analysts believe that this kind of delayed departure from the company. Therefore one should not criticize the biases of the person who will soon leave Microsoft. Although Belfiore and promised to return to his duties this summer.

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