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How to install on iPhone and iPad store Mojo – analog devices Cydia for without jailbreak

For months the owners of iPhone and iPad can’t use Cydia – the unofficial directory of apps. Store for jailbroken devices allows without restriction to modify the operating system to install third-party software. However, the developers are not sitting idly by: waiting for the exploit to jailbreak iOS 9.3.1 was running the analogue of Cydia called Mojo store unofficial software running on the devices without jailbreak.

To work with Mojo do not need to open a root access to the operating system. While using development from the store you can use unofficial software: emulators, applications for recording screencasts and other developments, inadmissible to the App Store. You only need to install on your iPhone and iPad app store and two profiles to work with the service.

Mojo is compatible with all devices without jailbreak, including gadgets with iOS 9.3.1. How to install shop later in our instruction.

Step 1: Open mobile Safari website

Step 2: On the main Mojo page, find the button “Install directly from your iDevice” and confirm the setting store.

Step 3: In this step, the Mojo will report on the creation of custom profile. Click “Build Custom Profile” to continue.

Step 4: the Device will automatically open the Settings app on your profile page. Click install to install the profile on iPhone Mojo Installation.

Step 5: If your device uses a password, at this stage it will be necessary to enter.

Step 6: In the window that appears, click Install.

Step 7: the Settings App will return you to the browser page on Mojo. To continue press Install Mojo.

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In the window that appears, click Install.

Step 8: the Browser takes you back in app Settings section of manage profile. Here you need to posivite the second, an unsigned profile.

Step 9: Click Install and enter password if necessary.

Step 10: Click Next in the upper right corner, and then click Install.

Step 11: Click Install in the window that appears, and then tap done in the upper right corner.

That’s all. On the home screen of your device icon will appear on the store Mojo. Run the application and select the program you want to install. In the Package section you can view the application directory, in Source – add new repositories.

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