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How to put a black border on a red iPhone 7 at home

This week Apple has without fanfare unveiled a new model in the line of flagship smartphones. iPhone 7 in the performance of (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition have not been changed as part of the characteristics, but to a bright red color.

The first customers praised the new colors of the iPhone 7, but is dissatisfied with the selected combination of shades. The fact that Apple decided to make the front panel of the smartphone white. Many thought that the iPhone with a red case black frame would look better. Project author jerryrigeverything once showed how it is possible to correct this deficiency.

Despite the fact that Apple doesn’t recommend users to disassemble the iPhone, the owners of “Apple” technology is not stopping. Enthusiast have prepared videoinstructing on how to replace the white frame red iPhone 7, on the same frame but in black with a another smartphone. If there was such a need, with the right tools, skilled hands and free time you can try to solve the problem at home.

Remember that disassembling your iPhone will void your warranty on the device and continue to contact the service center for warranty repairs will be problematic. Moreover, it is quite time-consuming and meticulous process, so if you have the slightest doubt it is better to consult specialists.

When you replace the white front frame red iPhone 7, it is understood that in this model “Apple” smartphone entire screen is a single part, and replaced separately frame it is impossible. Will change the whole display unit as glass is glued to the frame. While the iPhone 7 is waterproof and if improperly assembled, the apparatus will lose these qualities.

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Getting a direct replacement, you first need to Unscrew the front panel from the case. Both parts are connected in the area of the Lightning cable by means of two screws. Next, using vacuum suction cups slowly and carefully disconnect the display, not forgetting the plumes, which at this stage still connect the two parts of the smartphone.

The next step is disconnecting the screws, which fasten metal plates to protect the cables. When they are removed, using a plastic or wooden spoon to gently lift up the ribbon cable and detach the front panel.

Replacing the screen, collect the parts in reverse order and turn on iPhone. If the process is not corrupted by any single mechanism, all the details are correctly inserted into place and screwed and all the cables are connected, the device will turn on and start working.


It is worth to realize that if you just change the frame from black iPhone with the Home button, after loading you will see a warning indicating that the Touch ID is not available. For security reasons, the fingerprint module attached to the motherboard. Use have a virtual button.

To work around this limitation, you can put a white Home key with an original of the smartphone (as did the author of the video), or completely disassemble the iPhone and transfer to the red case motherboard.

In any case, no matter how simple at first glance may seem to the self-frame replacement in the iPhone 7, if you have even the shadow of a doubt, it is better to entrust it to professionals.

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