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“Smart” UAZ Patriot received the application for remote control via iPhone

Before you test the Patriot, equipped with new driver assistance systems, telematics functions based on ERA-GLONASS dispatch center and mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

The telematics unit is connected to all the electronic systems of the car. He promptly transmits information about the condition of the vehicle and the driver in the dispatch center.

“Smart” Patriot constantly reports to the Manager about the location, speed, fuel consumption, compliance with traffic rules and the state of the driver. In LLC “UAZ” sure that the transport company will be able to save on theft of fuel and timely passage.

All the information the system transfers with a mobile network. In addition, inside the machine there is a special button SERVICE, which allows customers to communicate with the dispatch service for emergency, technical or legal assistance. Given that the Manager always knows the current position of the transport you can count on the efficiency of all services.

The iPhone app allows you to get timely information required for making management decisions. The cost of the smart Patriot is not yet announced.

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