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Anchor Cable: the last cable you buy [video]

Company Anchor Labs collects funds for the release of the cable Anchor Cable, which is positioned as eternal, which is impossible to break. Another feature of the accessory – magnetic connector with interchangeable connectors for Lightning, micro-USB and USB-C.

The problem of rapid wear of the Lightning cables known to many. The cord may fracture, to peretiraetsya and to refuse after a couple of weeks after the start of use, so user of iPhone and iPad need a more robust solution.

The basis for Anchor Cable was a dual industrial steel tube, inside which placed vulnerable to the effects cord. Connectors made of durable plastic that is resistant to damage. They are said to be fully protected from corrosion.

Anchor Labs calls a cord “absolutely tear-resistant”. Heavy-duty accessory will never twist, not ground and not get lost. Anchor Cable without any problems transfers the tying in knots, the blow of the hammer drop. The company received the certificate confirming high level of wear resistance Anchor Cable, and give a lifetime warranty on his invention.

The gadget turned out to be incredibly tenacious. The demo video is unlikely to have much in common with what the iPhone and iPad users have to face every day, but agree, nice to know that with the help of Anchor Cable to lift concrete blocks.

Another feature of the Anchor Cable – universal magnetic connector with three connectors for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and laptops with USB-C. Shrink tube on the connectors on both sides ensures reliable operation for many years.

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Heavy-duty accessory will cost 11 GBP. The townsfolk are willing to Finance the production of a heavy-duty USB-cable — with plans to collect at least £10 000, the authors of the project has already raised almost £70 000.

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